False Advertising

I recently purchased a magazine which to be fair was not known for bringing actual news to its’ readers. This magazine without naming it was printed on flimsey thin paper with a title in huge writing that said a variation of “READ ABOUT THE SHOCKING TRUTH BEHIND ELIZA’S LIPOSUCTION SECRETS!!!!!” with a big ol picture of this celebrity, in this case me, in a photo that was taken while I was doing something ridiculous like eating or in the middle of speaking.




So I turned to the page to see what this shocking story was and to my dismay it was no such story. While the cover boasted about this shocking lipo secret when I got the story it read similar to this:

“After giving birth to twins Eliza was fat. She was so fat that her husband did not want to make love to her any more. So Eliza wanted to turn to liposuction. However after her friend Kim Kardashian said she could take her weight lose pills Eliza was like “Oh yay! Now I don’t have to do liposuction and I may have affairs with my husband!”. Eliza took the medicine and lost 200 pounds yay!”


There was no secret, it was not shocking, I was disappointed 🙁 Then again what do we as a society want with a magazine that reads, “Learn how Eliza lost pounds with medicine.” there is no mystery. We need mystery and we need stories of plastic surgery. If I wanted to learn about happy magic pills that made you ‘lose’ weight then I was watch overplayed commercials.


2 thoughts on “False Advertising

  1. Ah yes, the false advertising of the tabloid magazine! They present you with shocking (and enticing in spite of ourselves) headlines that catch our attention while standing in line at the grocery store. And then when we continue to read the story at home (after forking out our $4 for the rag) we realize we’ve been sold false goods. So why do you think people continue to buy these things? Is this not all part of that disavowal process we discussed in class? We *know* such tabloids are going to be full of false leads, or downright lies, but we enjoy the game of being lied to. It’s part of the pleasure, albeit a guilty one!

  2. I did the same thing just the other day! I bought some magazine with a headline that said something like “Katy Devastated! Russel Publishing Shocking Secrets in Tell All!” I read the article and didn’t think much about it until my roommate asked me what the “shocking” part was. When I went to answer I realized that there wasn’t a shocking thing mentioned at all. I had been tricked and didn’t even realize, just like every other time.

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